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There have been two 'Intercessions' events to date. The text below illustrates the concept of the event which mixed together contemporary music, classical music and contemporary improvised music.






Intercessions 2






"We speak not of the archaic theological doctrine, whereby prayers are offered to dead saints who may then intercede directly to God on our behalf. We do, however, seek to steal a little of that image. Our Intercessions are of a far more earthly nature, and occur not in heaven, but in the austerely beautiful surroundings of St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch. Neither do we come this time to pray, but to make sound. Sound surrounded by little pools of silence. Sound from many ages, transplanted into strange and unfamiliar contexts. The ghostly beauty of Johann Sebastian Bach interceded by Free Improvisation: how strange…  and short Bartok duets for violin and viola, each interceded by new music that is freshly created in the moment; and yet more -  music by Eugene Ysaye and  contemporary work by Christian Wolff all spliced up with the silence , noise and unpredictable flutter of free improvisation. A crucible of experimental juxtaposition."






Intercessions 1:


Noura Sanatian, Benedict Taylor, Satoko Fukuda, Niko Meinhold, Noel Taylor, Guillaume Viltard, Mark Sanders



Intercessions 2:


Satoko Fukuda, Noel Taylor, Niko Meinhold, Guillaume Viltard, Steve Noble.



'Intercessions' took place at:

Shoreditch Church
(St Leonards), Shoreditch HighStreet