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Twin Sets - 18th & 19th January 2019, 20.00 hrs


O'Culto da Ajuda

Travessa das Zebras, nº 25, (à Calçada da Ajuda)
1300-589 Belém, Lisboa, Portugal

Twins - born of the same egg, nurtured together in the womb. But what of our ‘twins’? They are of different ages, genders, nurtured in diverse cultures, separate countries. Their challenge is to find their musical twin, to speak with their own voice but to discover and meet the mirror of themselves through the sound they love most - the sound of their own instrument in the hands of another.




Each instrument comes with its own history of how it has been deployed within classical or contemporary music (including jazz and experimental). The intention of this series is to focus on musicians who like to use the full range of their instruments’ sonic potential. Although this may well include the use of extended techniques, it doesn’t preclude the use of simple tonality. Each orchestral instrument was designed and developed, often over centuries, to be able to produce characteristic tonal qualities and accurate intonation. The aim of this proposal is to delve into the intrinsic nature of the instrument pairings, to explore the voice of each.



Day 1 - 18th January, 2019


Clarinet Twins: Noel Taylor & Alberto Popolla



Alnerto Popolla and Noel taylor


Classical Guitar Twins: Steve Gibbs & Luis José Martins:


José Luis Martins and Steve Gibbs



Day 2 - 19th January, 2019


Contrabass Twins - Hernani Faustino and João Madeira


Hernani Faustino and João Madeira




Voice Twins: Maria Radich & Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg:



Maria Radich and Jean_Michel Van Schouwburg



The idea of ‘Twin Sets’ is to curate a series of duos based on pairs of matching acoustic instruments.


For the first series we have clarinet and clarinet; classical guitar and classical guitar, contrabass and contrabass and voice and voice.

Each pairing will function as if it were a shorter ‘movement’ within an overall piece, moving seamlessly from one to the other. So the format will take the form of :


Set 1:

Classical guitar and classical guitar
Clarinet and clarinet

Guitars and clarinets



Set 2

Clarinet and clarinet
Classical guitar and classical guitar

Clarinets and guitars.