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Noura Santian, violin
Noura Sanatian graduated from Trinity College of Music. She teachers violin  as part Southwark Music Services 'Violin Wider Opportunities'.  Noura is a member of the London Improvisers Orchestra. She has toured with the American ambient band, 'Stars of the Lid'. She works with dancers & coreographers, such as Vanessa Abreu, of the Union Dance group, where she combines her love of improvisation with her interest in other art forms.o
Benedict Taylor, viola
Benedict studied viola at the Royal Northern College of Music and Ethnomusicology at Goldsmiths. He specialises in contemporary music, working as a free lance viola player, in addition to teaching & composing film music. He plays with the London Contemporary Orchestra, and the London Sinfonietta Collective as well as the London Improvisers Orchestra. He has worked extensively with folk musician, Chris Sargeant, and is a frequent collaborator with the poet Laurence Upton. He has appeared at several prestigious music festivals, including Aldeburgh, Huddersfield and the Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte. Screenings of films for which he has written the music have occurred at Venice, London, Toronto, Mumbai & Rotterdam.
plus Noel Taylor, clarinet.
with Eugenio Colombo, Alberto Popolla and Furia Elettrica, Redstart in Rome, 2011
SInce forming in early 2010 the trio have performed in Berlin, Rome, Schiphorst (near Hamburg), and several London venues - Flim Flam, Boat-ting, Leytonstone Festival, Vortex (Mopomoso Xmas), HMS President, Luna Fringe, The Others etc, plus performances in Birmingham and Brighton.
They have also been the subject of an hour long feature on Resonance FM ('Disorder at the Border').
They have collaborated with musicians, such as Mark Sanders, the Swiss duo 'Diatribes', Julie Kjaer, Sharon Gal, Andrea Caputo, Japanese flautist, Miya, and musicians from Rome.

Redstart are very open both to further collaborations, not just with other musicians, but also in projects with artists, dancers and composers. 
Redstart in Rome, 2011. Collaborations with Italian musicians