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Arch 1, June 16th 2015




Jackie Walduck - vibes

Noel Taylor - clarinets

Seth Bennett - bass




Kay Grant - voice

Marcio Mattos - cello & effects


Kay Grant has an astonishing range - from a low growl to a pitch that bats would struggle to hear. She doesn't, however, just wheel out a barrage of improv effects, but is a true songstress, a singer rather than simply a vocal acrobat. This is not the first time she has performed in a duo with Marcio Mattos, and it is a combination she particularly values. This is a feeling very much shared by Marcio Mattos, a cellist & bass player (and ceramacist) who provides finely nuanced interaction with Grant to produce music that is full of dynamic changes and flowing ideas.


Jackie Walduck is a fine vibraphone player who works with improvisation in a variety of settings, including the Wigmore Hall group 'Ignite' which she helped to found. Seth Bennett has a brilliant technical fluidity on bass that he combines with a singel minded focus on improvisation. He has recently returned to the London scene, having been based mainly in Sheffield & Leeds.I particularly love to play in combination with vibraphone and bass.


Kay & Marcio will join us for a final mini-set - which is not thrown together 'fot tyhe sake of it' but will provide a considered blend of sounds and musical temperaments that should be oustandingly beautiful, or I will eat my hat ( I notice no-one carries out this threat anyway...)