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Arch 1, November 3rd 2015




Manuel Miethe - soprano sax

Nikolaus Neuser - trumpet

Noel Taylor - clarinets

Jon Clark




John Bisset - guitar

Alex Ward - guitar


Nikolaus Neuser & Manuel Miethe are two regular & stalwart members of the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, and this is a rare chance to catch them on a visit to the UK. Manuel is a regular collaborator with Alison Blunt, and their band Haman has performed at the Vortex's Mopomoso & European festivals. Nikolaus has recorded with Jan Roder and Silke Eberhard, and also plays with the Berlin Jazz Orchestra. Jon Clarke & Noel Taylor are both members of the London Improvisers Orchestra - hence the title of the event : Berlin-London, @ Arch 1, West Ham.


Alex Ward & John Bisset's guitar duo is based on a long lasting friendship and a common love of blistering and frantic guitar that interlocks with the perfect precision of gears grinding.