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Noel Taylor


Noel Taylor's main instruments belong to the clarinet family - soprano, alto and bass clarinet. He is a frequent performer, mainly in London and the UK, but also abroad in Poland, Germany & Italy. He is a dedicated improviser, but his work also includes short compositions, conductions with large scale orchestras, and organising musical events. Some of his work involves other art forms, using music as a form of cultural intervention..

(drawing courtesy of Jim Dunkley)


Recent projects have involved the trio 'Redstart' , the four piece band - 'Splatter'' . and the 'happenstance' quartet which also features Chris Biscoe. Splatter have released two albums to date. Many other ad-hoc partnerships have happened along the way - always with the emphasis on improvisation. Two of these shorter collaborations have resulted in CD releases, one with Niko Meinhold and one with Alberto Popolla. Noel Taylor is a regular member of the London Improvisers Orchestra and has also led conductions with the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra and played with Rome's Iato Orchestra. He has performed in Krakow in Poland, Berlin, Rome ans Portugal, as well as London & other parts of the UK.


Other musicians he has performed with include Theo Jorgensmann, Claudio Puntin, Shabaka Hutchings, Eugenio Colombo, Steve Beresford, Mick Beck,, Harrison Smith, Mark Sanders, Terry Day, Dominic Lash, Rafal Mazur, Steve Noble, Luca Venitucci, Stefano Guist, diatribes, Pat Thomas, Lawrence Casserley, Satoko Fukuda, Henrik Wallsdorf, Tony Marsh & Veryan Weston, Nick Stephens, Fumi Okiji, Marcio Mattos,Ricardo Tejero, Alex Ward, Orphy Robinson & many others. His most regular collaborators include Guillaume Viltard, Chris Biscoe, Alberto Popolla, Andrea Caputo, Anna Kaluza, Niko Meinhold, Julie Kjaer, Benedict Taylor, Noura Sanatian, Pedro Velasco , Tom Greenhalgh, Tom Wheatley & John Garcia.


Since early 2009 he has curated a series of events called the Luna Fringe,




Noel Taylor


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